100 Series Flow Switches

Ideal for any liquid flow switch needs

• Flow rates from 0.2 to 227 LPM / 0.06 to 60 GPM
• Adjustable trip point
• Flow switch cannot jam in Flow OK position
• 5-year warranty

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100 Series flow switch monitor cooling fluids or other liquid flows and trip an internal relay if the flow rate falls below an adjustable trip point. Acting as both a liquid flow switch( fluid flow switch) and a flow switch for water, these devices can trigger an alarm or shut down operations to prevent equipment damage, ensuring operational integrity and safety in industrial settings. The relay can be used to sound an alarm or shut down a system or process before damage is done to valuable equipment and products.


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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Connection Size and Type

1/4" FNPT, 1/2" FNPT, 3/4" FNPT, 1" FNPT, 9/16-18 SAE, 3/4-16 SAE, 1 1/16-12 SAE

Flow Range

Selectable, 0.2-2.3 LPM / 0.06-0.6 GPM, 0.4-3.8 LPM / 0.1-1.0 GPM, 1.9-9.5 LPM / 0.5-2.5 GPM, 15-76 LPM / 4.0-20 GPM, 23-114 LPM / 6.0-30 GPM, 3.0-23 LPM / 0.8-6.0 GPM, 38-227 LPM / 10-60 GPM, 5.7-45 LPM / 1.5-12 GPM

Flow Body Material

Brass, Celcon, Stainless Steel

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