WeldSaver™ 5 Passport

With Coolant Shutoff Valve or NEW! eVac™ Coolant Retraction Module

Best Coolant leak detector for leak detection, and expulsion prevention for robotic welding systems, with graphical user interface and New local display

  • Ensures adequate electrode cooling by continuously monitoring and communicating coolant flow and temperature conditions based on user-selectable operating parameters and alarm settings.
  • New Optional eVac Coolant Retraction Module keeps expensive equipment dry by redirecting coolant flow during cap change or cap loss.
  • Network integration your PLC, robot, and weld controller using industry-standard EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET® control interface options.
  • Real-time indication of measured flow rate and temperature on browser-based user interface and local display.
  • Enables fast weld cycles by sending alarm to weld controller in less than 0.4 seconds using proprietary leak-detection algorithm.
  • Reduces unsafe coolant expulsion by shutting off flow in less than 1 second after cap loss.

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WeldSaver Product Line Customization

Proteus offers a range of WeldSaver™ products designed to address critical needs in coolant management for robotic welding systems. Each model features a coolant leak detector and including the innovative eVac Coolant Retraction Module for effective coolant leak detection. Our systems also incorporate coolant flow meters and sensors with smart water sensor alarms, and digital water meter leak indicators. These features ensure reliable leak prevention and equipment protection by acting as a coolant system stop leak and water saver device. They also prevent leaking issues, reducing unsafe coolant expulsion by shutting off flow in less than 1 second after a leak is detected as leaking shutoff valve. For more information, contact WeldSaver Applications Support at weldsaver@proteusind.com or (650) 964-4163.

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WeldSaver 5